Office Hours: Where Are They Now? Bill Godfrey

Office Hours Video

The primary mission of Westminster Seminary California is to prepare men for pastoral ministry. This is has been our primary mission since 1980. We have graduated more than eleven hundred students. About 70% of our graduates go on to pastoral ministry. Indeed, . . . Continue reading →

Should Christians Practice Lent?

Lent as we know it today did not arise out of this biblical understanding of fasting. Rather, Lent came about as a superstitious misunderstanding both of the purpose of fasting in general and the purpose of Christ’s forty-day fast in the wilderness . . . Continue reading →

Letter To The Editor Regarding “A Radical Narrowing Of The Gospel”

Editor’s Note: The following is a letter to the editor in response to an article by the Rev. Mr. Doug Barnes, “A Radical Narrowing of the Gospel,” in The Outlook vol. 72, issue 5 (Sept/Oct, 2022). § Dear Sir, I just read . . . Continue reading →