Office Hours: Journeys With Jesus

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Millions of Christians gather every week to hear sermons preached, we trust, from God’s Word. Believers read and study it. Pastors and elders study it but we do not always agree about how to understand it. How often have you heard someone . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: Echoes Of Exodus

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Few stories in the Bible are as important to understanding the rest of Scripture as the Exodus. Throughout the Old Testament and beyond, this event came to define the nature of salvation. It was paradigmatic. Thus, in order to understand Scripture on . . . Continue reading →

What Preaching Christ From All Of Scripture Does And Does Not Mean

In recent days there has been considerable discussion about what it means to speak of “preaching Christ from all of Scripture.” Some object to this way of speaking and this approach to Bible interpretation on the grounds that it does violence to . . . Continue reading →

What Dispensationalism Misses About The Temple

This is a serious interpretive problem for those dispensationalists who argue, in effect, that redemptive history takes a U-turn in the millennial age, as the reality which is found in Christ’s fulfillment of the Old Temple imagery in his own body, supposedly returns to the types and shadows of the Old Testament. Continue reading →