Unnatural Lust And Holding A Church Office

While some might commend the Stated Clerk for trying to bring consensus between the wings of the PCA regarding officer qualifications, the trouble here is how he mischaracterized Overture 15.

Later, in a Q&A portion at the very end of his presentation, the Stated Clerk described the issue as whether or not, “the same sex attraction itself is more heinous, so heinous that it is automatically disqualifying.” That is a surprising description of our intramural disagreement given there is currently no proposal to disqualify someone from office on the mere basis of experiencing unnatural lust.

Overture 15 would not declare the mere presence of homosexual desire to be disqualifying. While there may be a minority within the PCA who would bar anyone from office who confesses unnatural lust, overture 15 would not do that.*

Overture 15 is narrowly focused on barring from church office any man who describes, characterizes, or defines himself according to his sinful desire. It is regrettable the Stated Clerk has furthered the confusion on this proposal rather than providing clarity on it.
Ryan Biese | “Clarity on Overture 15” | August 31, 2022


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  1. Yep, that’s the crux of the argument and is what needs to be hammered home repeatedly at nauseam ….

    “Overture 15 would not….

    Overture 15 is narrowly focused…..”

    Side B is playing games….. a winner take at all costs effort to do and manipulate anything to bring down this denomination. This is not good faith, it’s radical transformation of a denomination without just cause.

  2. I am a ruling elder in a conservative (even by PCA standards) presbytery. We welcome men fighting with the aid and power of God the Holy Spirit against same-sex attraction. In fact, several years ago we licensed an RUF minister to minister to students at a local college. AND we will vote overwhelmingly in favor of Overture 15.

    Sheesh. Give us a little bit of credit in being able to discern between men who are actively fighting these temptations and men who are identifying with and embracing them.

  3. Amen, Bob, Amen.
    Hard not to be exhausted with all the posturing by those on the side of Mr. Johnson being displayed. My dealings with the TE in the church I attend can prove that. It’s a tough subject, prone to over-emotional responses. Scripture is clear/the WCF is clear/the BCO (already) is clear. The PCA doesn’t need more nuance, it needs more application of what it already knows to be true.
    Honestly, God help us.

    • Nick: If everything is already “clear” in the documents you cite, then there are a lot of people in PCA leadership for whom this is very murky. We need Overture 15 to be ratified not because the other documents are deficient. We need it ratified so that we the laity can get a clear signal from the leadership that they understand the gravity of this problem. If they are unwilling to do that, we may have to vote with our feet.

  4. Hi Bob,
    wholeheartedly agree with your premise and that’s the reason I’m so torn up by this.
    I want a church I can call home, knowing no local church/denom is perfect.
    J.G. Machen has a large say in what I’m thinking here, ie “Christianity and Liberalism”
    I have a TE who could very well be a “Machen’s Warrior Children” kinda guy.
    The perpiscuity of Scripture is of great importance here. The PCA is involved not in defining doctine as much as defining Scripture. If they fail at that, well, you know.

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