When the "Postmodern" Isn't

Chris Terry Nelson at Disruptive Grace has a great quotation from Bruce McCormack explaining why what many call “postmodernism” isn’t that at all. It’s really Romanticism or subjectivism or late modernism. If you’re in my Adult Catechism Class at OURC close your . . . Continue reading →

WSC Graduate Defends Oxford DPhil on Barth

Congratulations to Westminster Seminary California (’04) alumnus and sometime lecturer in Historical Theology at WSC, Ryan Glomsrud (MA, Historical Theology), on the successful completion and defense of his Oxford DPhil thesis on Karl Barth. Here’s a précis: Ryan D. Glomsrud, Karl Barth Between Pietism & Orthodoxy: . . . Continue reading →

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

You’re all romantics. Not in the Charlotte Bronte sense but in that when you read biblical stories you imagine yourselves as Daniel not the gamekeeper. You’re Lawrence ruling the desert while astride a majestic white charge not a faceless Arab extra on . . . Continue reading →