Geerhardus Vos On The Creation Days

30. To what is appeal made to support the nonliteral interpretation? a) To the fact that sun and moon (or rather the rotation of the earth around its axis in relation to the sun) were not yet present. As we know, the . . . Continue reading →

Bavinck’s Critique Of Pietism

Like so many other efforts at reforming life in Protestant churches, Pietism and Methodism were right in their opposition to dead orthodoxy. Originally their intention was only to arouse a sleeping Christianity; they wished not to bring about a change in the . . . Continue reading →

Vos Contra Two-Stage Justification

18. Is justification an act that takes place once and for all, or an act that can be repeated? a) The Roman Catholic church makes a distinction between a first and a second justification. The first consists in the infusion of habitual . . . Continue reading →