Chaplain Quotes Eisenhower, Gets Censored (Updated)

Update 15 August 2013. Billy Hallowell reports that the military has reversed itself and has reposted the blog post that had been taken down. They’ve added a disclaimer for the column. § Original Post July 26, 2013 Ken Klukowski, Todd Starnes, and . . . Continue reading →

The Silencing Of The Lambs

Where the situation becomes sinister is when one group attempts to police the activities of another, or where one Christian organization or leader uses their personal power or share of the market to prevent others, with whom they are not formally connected, . . . Continue reading →

How To Circumvent BigSocMedia Censorship

“SocMedia” refers to Social Media platforms, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and iTunes. It also includes video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. These are websites that ostensibly a wide variety of users to post content. The attraction of such sites is that . . . Continue reading →