Video: Confronting Sin

Chris Gordon and Daniel Borvan continue their conversation on Alistair Begg’s recent statements on attending a gay wedding. RESOURCES Resources On The Rule Of Worship Subscribe To The Heidelblog! The Heidelblog Resource Page Heidelmedia Resources The Ecumenical Creeds The Reformed Confessions The . . . Continue reading →

The Audacity Of Faith

First Samuel 14 contains a breathtaking, action-packed story, one that would make any modern blockbuster seem tame in comparison. But the most exciting part of the story might not be where you expect it. It is not in nail-biting suspense (though there . . . Continue reading →

You’ve Been Invited To A [Fill In The Blank]: Should You Go?

As the culture descends further into post-Christianity and even the memory of Christianity fades in the minds of most Westerners, Christians will find themselves facing many of the same questions faced by the Christians of the first and second centuries. Many of . . . Continue reading →

Machen’s Reply to Lordship Salvation

Very different is the conception of faith which prevails in the liberal Church. According to modern liberalism, faith is essentially the same as “making Christ Master” in one’s life; at least it is by making Christ Master in the life that the . . . Continue reading →

Machen On The Importance Of “In Order To”

Christianity will indeed accomplish many useful things in this world, but if it is accepted in order to accomplish those useful things it is not Christianity. Christianity will combat Bolshevism; but if it is accepted in order to combat Bolshevism, it is . . . Continue reading →

Perkins On How Good Works Work

Again, it may be demanded (considering we cannot fulfill the law), how our works can please God? Answer. In every good work, there is something that is God’s and something that is ours alone. The defect of the work is ours alone, . . . Continue reading →

Perkins: The Use Of Sola Fide

This doctrine is of great use. First, we learn hence that a man is justified by the mere mercy of God, and that there is excluded from justification all merit of congruity,* all meritorious works of preparation wrought by us, all cooperation . . . Continue reading →

Perkins: Two Natures, One Christ

The second question is, how Christ could obey, being God, and satisfy for us, being man? Answer. Christ must be considered, not merely as God, or as man, but as God-man or man-God. For the Godhead does not redeem us without the . . . Continue reading →

Perkins On Self Love

Men’s hearts are so possessed with self-love, and they are so addicted to their own praise, that it is grief to them to hear any praised beside themselves; whereas love binds us as well to take care for the good name of . . . Continue reading →