A Devotional: The Heart of the Reformation: A 90-Day Devotional In The Five Solas

Since I am doing a Heidelcast series on prayer and have been recommending devotional materials (see the resources below for more) I was delighted to get this volume in my inbox. It is a paperback volume of 157 pages. It first appeared in 2021 but I became aware of it this morning. As the title suggests, it is designed to take the reader, devotionally, through the five Reformation solas (in order, sola scriptura, solus Christussola gratiasola fide, and soli Deo gloria). This is a guide to your devotions with Bible readings for each topic, a meditation on the topic, and some additional passages to read. It is very simple and clear. Unlike most devotionals I have seen, this one has some meat in it. I am pleased to see that this devotional does not separate piety from doctrine because, of course, prayer and Christian truth go together. We should pray while we study and study while we pray. In short: it is okay to learn before, during, and after you pray and it is okay to pray while you are learning. Some of the best writers in the Christian tradition have written profound works of theology as devotionals, in the form of a prayer. As you work through this little devotional in 90 days you will begin to develop a habit of devotions and you will learn not a little about what it means to say: according to Scripture alone, Christ alone, by grace alone, through faith alone, and to God alone be the glory. These are all vitally important truths and now more than ever we need them written on our hearts as well as on our minds. Read more»


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