With The Guilt, Grace, Gratitude Podcast On The Mosaic Covenant And The Republication Of The Covenant Of Works

It Is Not As Difficult As It Might Seem

It was good to talk with Peter and Nick, of the Guilt, Grace, Gratitude podcast about the Mosaic covenant generally and the question of the republication of the covenant of works specifically. This might seem like an impossible topic but it is not if we keep in mind a couple of basic distinctions: first there are two kinds of covenants in history: the covenant of works (“do this and live”) and the covenant of grace (“Christ has done for you”). We may correlate these with the law, “the day you eat thereof you shall surely die,” and the gospel, “the seed of the woman shall crush his head.” If we keep these basic Protestant and Reformed distinctions in mind, the whole question becomes much clearer. In this episode we discuss why people struggle to understand the Mosaic covenant, what we need to remember as we think about the the Mosaic covenant, what it means and does not mean to speak of republication, and how the Mosaic covenant is like the Noahic and the Abrahamic administrations of the covenant of grace and how it is distinct.

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