Where The Scenery Is Plain And The People Are Scenic

My area of the country (south Mississippi, the “Pine Belt”) is not especially picturesque. Very low rolling hills, hillocks really, and miles and miles of woodland. In this little part of the Deep South, though, if the scenery is plain, the people . . . Continue reading →

Tribalists All

We may conclude, apparently, that Merritt favors cosmopolitanism to sectarianism. But what sense does this make of biblical calls for God’s people to isolate themselves. The Israelites weren’t exactly interested — or weren’t supposed to be — in a Jerusalem that featured . . . Continue reading →

Hart Reviews The Flag And The Cross

How pervasive is Christian nationalism in the United States? Before answering, a more pressing question is: What is it? Here the people paid to define our terms are all over the place. Christian nationalism can involve a national church like the Church . . . Continue reading →

One Major Difference Between The Reformed And The Evangelicals

American evangelical religion, whether one traces it to Edwards, Whitefield, and Wesley or to the nineteenth-century revivalists (e.g., Charles Finney), has always been oriented around personalities. Reasonably, American evangelical Christians nurtured in the personality-oriented tradition assume that pattern as the norm when . . . Continue reading →