Grammar Girl Helps with "Which" and "That"

Confused by when to use “which” and when to use “that”? Here’s the transcript from the latest Grammar Girl podcast. Here’s a freebie for Greek and Latin students. If you understand the difference between the nominative case and the accusative and dative . . . Continue reading →

What Hath Beer To Do With Calvin? Christian Liberty Is Not License

Abounding grace to sinners (Rom 5:20), i.e., God’s free favor to the undeserving, leads to Christian freedom but not to licentiousness (living without norms). Liberty is not libertinism. This doctrine is at the heart of the Reformed doctrine of the Christian life. . . . Continue reading →

A Phrase To Be Retired: Best Practice

Every human endeavor has its own vocabulary. Auto mechanics shorthand expressions and jargon—though beware if he or she tells you that you need a new Johnson Rod as you will pay good money for no part and no service—like every other endeavor under the sun. Continue reading