Religious Freedom Watch: What the IRS Wants to Know About Your Religion (Updated)

Originally published 18 May, 2013. Updated 23 May 2013 (below). From the 16 May 2013 Memo to the Hon. Aaron Schock, Member of Congress, Committee of Ways and Means, from Thomas Brejcha, Peter Breen, Sally Wagenmaker, Esqs. Thomas More Society. The IRS . . . Continue reading →

Chaplain Punished For Mentioning His Faith

The Army has disciplined a military chaplain for making references to the Bible during a suicide-prevention seminar last month. …The chaplain, Capt. Joe Lawhorn, conducted the training session on suicide prevention Nov. 20 at the University of North Georgia. During the session, . . . Continue reading →

Logicide And The Death Of Freedom

All of that and more promotes the semantic fog that allows for mind rape. It amounts to an act of “logicide,” to borrow a term from Meerloo, whom I will continue to quote below. To kill logic and reason that might stand . . . Continue reading →

Americans Are Independent But Are They Still Free?

Mt Soledad

A majority of the honorable Supreme Court of the United States has recently judged that, whereas as recently as 2013 the court had asserted that marriage law is the province of the states, homosexuals have a constitutional right under the 14th amendment to . . . Continue reading →

Justice Thomas Contra Racial Preference

I join JUSTICE ALITO’s dissent. As JUSTICE ALITO explains, the Court’s decision today is irreconcilable with strict scrutiny, rests on pernicious assumptions about race, and departs from many of our precedents. I write separately to reaffirm that “a State’s use of race . . . Continue reading →