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HBgravatar-revThere are six years of resources on the HB and several ways to access those resources. One is the categories. Another is to use the search function (or google site search—site:heidelblog.net search term). Another way to use the HB is to access the archives, which shows the HB by years, months, and categories. Thanks for your support.

Where The Scenery Is Plain And The People Are Scenic

My area of the country (south Mississippi, the “Pine Belt”) is not especially picturesque. Very low rolling hills, hillocks really, and miles and miles of woodland. In this little part of the Deep South, though, if the scenery is plain, the people . . . Continue reading →

Comments Changes

UPDATE 20 September 2010: Life has been much quieter since closing comments. Nevertheless, the HB may publish reasonable, edifying responses to HB posts. See the comments policy page for more.

Congratulations Are In Order

To Kevin DeYoung, who writes at the Gospel Coalition (with Justin Taylor, Tullian Tchividjian, Mike Pohlman and others) to Darryl Hart, who writes Old Life, and to Nick Batzig (and the guys), who writes at Feeding on Christ, for making a couple Zondervan’s . . . Continue reading →

Top Ten HB Posts for 2009

The HB began in 2007 as a low-key exposition of the Heidelberg CatechismHeidelberg Catechism and gradually morphed into a discussion of issues surrounding the federal vision and then into a broader discussion of contemporary issues surrounding the recovery of the Reformed confession. . . . Continue reading →

Better Late Than Never: NTJ 13.3 is Available

It doesn’t look like much but the NTJ packs a verbal punch. Published by the Old Life Theological Society and edited by the redoubtable D. G. Hart and John Muether the Nicotine Theological Journal is “dedicated to recovering the connection between Reformed faith . . . Continue reading →