About Patrick J. O'Banion

Patrick J. O’Banion graduated from Westminster Seminary California (MA, Historical Theology) and earned his PhD in history at St Louis University. He was professor of History at Lindenwood University (St. Charles, MO) 2009–19. He has also published three books on early Modern Spain and numerous articles in academic journals. He is the translator of Girolamo Zanchi, The Spiritual Marriage between Christ and His Church and Every One of the Faithful. Patrick was ordained as a ruling elder in the PCA in 2008 and he is now licensed to preach by the Siouxlands Presbytery, PCA. Meet all the Heidelberg contributors»

Laying the Foundation…. Twice 

Where do we begin in our theology? The answer may seem obvious: We begin with God. Theology, after all, is talking about God; that’s literally what the word means. But things get a little more complicated when we get around to developing . . . Continue reading →