Beza: Sanctification Flows From Christ Whom We Apprehend By Faith

But although sanctification flows forth from the same Christ seized by faith, and leads us to the same place, namely the attainment of eternal life, it would nevertheless be mere madness to add something to the most perfect righteousness of Christ to obtain salvation, because it has reason of cause—it would be to dream. And because it is inchoate within us, it is never perfected here. Therefore, certainly this righteousness is inherent in us, but it is inchoate, so that we rest upon no part of it at all as a cause of our reconciliation and salvation. But we nevertheless hold it as a sure sign (τεκμηρίῳ) of our faith and of the perfect justification imputed to us. Read more»

Theodore Beza | A Defense of Justification Through The Righteousness of Christ Alone Freely Imputed, Obtained by Living Faith in R. Scott Clark and Casey Carmichael, eds., Justification By Faith Alone: Selected Writings From Theodore Beza, Amandus Polanus, and Francis Turretin, trans. Casey Carmichael (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2023), 13


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