Religious Freedom Watch: Physician Assistant Fired For Not Using “Biology-Obscuring Pronouns”

First Liberty filed a lawsuit in federal court this week on behalf of Valerie Kloosterman, a physician assistant who was fired by the University of Michigan Health System because of her religious beliefs. She was terminated for seeking a religious accommodation from using biology-obscuring pronouns and from referring patients for “gender reassignment” drugs and procedures…

…What’s more, Michigan Health representatives’ actions violate the First Amendment, because they showed blatant religious animus toward Valerie—something the U.S. Supreme Court sharply condemned in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. In that case, the nation’s highest court held that government officials cannot be hostile toward Americans because of their religious beliefs. It must show them respect and tolerance.

Under our country’s laws, it’s possible to ensure everyone receives appropriate medical care while respecting the religious conscience of medical professionals. Handing out a dose of religious discrimination is bad medicine. It’s wrong, outrageous and illegal to force Americans to choose between their faith and their livelihood. Read More»

Jorge Gomez | “Michigan Health System Fires Christian Healthcare Professional Because of Her Beliefs” | October 14, 2022



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