On The Limits Of Winsomeness

And I started to recognize another danger to this approach: If we assume that winsomeness will gain a favorable hearing, when Christians consistently receive heated pushback, we will be tempted to think our convictions are the problem. If winsomeness is met with hostility, it is easy to wonder, “Are we in the wrong?” Thus the slide toward secular culture’s reasoning is greased. A “secular-friendly” politics has problems similar to “seeker-friendly” worship. An excessive concern to appeal to the unchurched is plagued by the accommodationist temptation. This is all the more a problem in the “negative world.” Read more»

James R. Wood | “How I Evolved On Tim Keller” | May 6, 2022


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  1. The use of the word “winsome” has become a shibboleth whereby one can easily identify the progressive contingent of the PCA. Would that they would demonstrate it as much when dealing with their conservative brothers in the PCA compared with how they talk about dealing with the world.

  2. Keller’s “winsomeness” is what got larger evangelicalism where it is in the first place…..

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