Bob Godfrey: What’s Going On Right Now? Sex, Race, Politics, And Power (9) With Bonus Audio

In his next session, Bob Godfrey resumes his talks on what happened to Christendom and how the church should adapt to a post-Christian world.  In this series Bob seeks to understand why this contemporary world seems so strange. In this session he begins with a recent story in the L A Times about the value of practicing yoga. The author of the article found yoga unpleasant until he began doing it while he was high on weed. A second story concerned the found of a Buddhist monk who had recently died, who was said in the story to have become a cloud. This is what it looks like when Christendom has to an end. The dominant world view under Christendom was derived from Christianity.

The week prior, Chris Gordon gave an excellent talk on the sexual revolution and it is included As a bonus.

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  1. John 14.1 “Let not your heart be troubled.”

    The Apostles were facing a sincere battle at the thought of losing Christ. John Calvin comments, “It was no ordinary temptation that soon afterwards they would see him hanging on the cross.” Today followers of Christ find themselves in a similar state while atheism, anti-christian activity and apostasy, work to influence the Christian Church and reshape our society. The prospect of living in the world without Christ is a significant temptation for the Christian soul.
    Christianity is faith in the Gospel of Christ. Whether that faith faces a world that is respectful of Christian thought and ideals, or a world empowered by apostasy and unbelief, it is a life devoted to the Gospel! Christian faith looks to Christ’s presence in the world by His Spirit and His Word. Indeed Faith is the victory that overcomes the world!
    What a privilege it is to be a Christian! Meditate often upon the glory of the Gospel prize—He is risen!—He has gone to prepare a place for us—Heaven awaits us!—He will come again soon! And where He is, we too shall be with Him! Let not your heart be troubled!

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