What’s Going on Right Now: Sex, Race, Politics, & Power with Dr. W Robert Godfrey (6)

In the sixth session of Bob Godfrey’s Sunday school class at the Escondido URC, he traces the effects of the Enlightenment upon the West. Drawing upon Carl Becker’s work he highlights  four key tenets of the movement:

(1) that man is not natively depraved and that people are basically good; (2) that the end of life is life itself and the purpose is to live for the now; (3) that man is capable of being guided solely by the light of reason and experience with the goal of perfecting the good life on earth; and (4) that the first and essential condition of the good life on earth is freeing men’s minds from the bonds of ignorance and superstition and freeing bodies from the oppression of the politics of our time.

The Enlightenment viewed education and politics as the means to creating a perfect world order in the here and now. This movement, though having some positive effects with which Christianity could agree, also had dangerous ideas that would ultimately lead to all kinds of death and corruption in the name of freedom, especially in the French Revolution. This sixth session is very important for connecting the dots to the thinking that prevails in our current day.



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