What’s Going on Right Now: Sex, Race, Politics, & Power with W Robert Godfrey (7)

This is the seventh session of Bob Godfrey’s Adult Sunday School series at the Escondido URC. In this session he explores the challenges faced by Christendom due to the Enlightenment and how it took shape in America. He argues that Christianity as a personal belief, as a personal commitment to the Word is one thing and the cultural influence of Christianity, Christendom, which dominated the West for 1,700 years, is another. This is not to say that everyone who lived under Christendom was a Christian but that it was a cultural way of seeing the world. That way of seeing the world is collapsing around us. Christianity, however, is doing fine. How did this collapse happen? How should we respond? Before its collapse, there were challenges to Christendom. In session six he looked at the Enlightenment’s political solution to the problems of the world. It sought freedom and defined it as the relative absence of restraint by monarchs and nobility. The French Revolution was the radical form of this quest for political freedom. The American Revolution was of a different, less radical kind. It was not as radically driven by the Enlightenment. In America there was a kind of alliance of Christians (of various kinds, e.g., Witherspoon and Washington) and Enlightenment figures (e.g., Jefferson). What were the effects and the affects of the American Revolution upon American religion in the 18th and 19th centuries?



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