Bob Godfrey: What’s Going On Right Now? Sex, Race, Politics, And Power (11)—Marxism

In this session, Bob Godfrey turns his attention to the effect of Marxism upon Modernity. Today few people believe in hell. Under Christendom (as he has been defining it) a much larger percentage of people would have said that they believed in hell. What happened? One of the most influential alternatives to Christianity that developed in the nineteenth century was Marxism. Karl Marx (1818–83). He became a militant materialist. Under materialism there is no God, spirit, or soul. He developed a competing eschatology and an explanation of history that said that history is driven by economics and power driven by wealth. What is needed, said Marx, is a complete reorientation.

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  1. Dr. Clark, Thank you for posting this brief talk.

    Dr. Godfrey’s outline of the Marxist/Leninist secular religion seems to clarify God’s picture in Revelation 13:1-10 and 13:11-18. Marx and Lenin seem to have followed the enemy of God by constructing a false religion and developing a scheme to eradicate those who resist, Christians, the saints of God.

    What are your thoughts about the history of murderous treachery against the saints of God coming from the devil/satan (Isaiah 33:1) through the first beast Revelation 13:1-10? And the second beast described in Revelation 13; 11-18?

    The beasts seem to use men to deceive those who do not belong to God. One beast deludes people to worship the first beast. The second best, through men, uses actual treachery, punishment and murder to conform everyone to worship the beast.

    The closing questions: if the census is correct (population of 360 million people) and only 2% (7,200,000) of the population identify as Christians then how are we being prepared to hear what the Spirit says in Revelation 2:7?
    Will the Spirit be with us through trials, temptations, and deadly persecutions keeping our eyes focused on Jesus and His Completed Work on the Cross?
    How do we share the Gospel effectively with those God gave over (Romans 3:18-32?
    Thank you

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