Bob Godfrey: What’s Going On Right Now? Sex, Race, Politics, And Power (10)—The Darwin Effect

In this session, Bob Godfrey turns his attention to the effect of Darwin’s theory. You might think of it chiefly as a scientific theory but it did not remain confined to science (e.g., origin of the species etc). Darwin’s theory occurred in a context, as part of a materialist revolution. If this world is all there is and if it is, for all intents and purposes a closed world, driven by an evolutionary engine (and one in which we are not allowed to ask let alone answer who designed and built the engine) that changes the way the meaning of life is considered and the value we attach to human beings. Social Darwinism really happened and it still happens. Listen here»


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  1. Perhaps Godfrey is correct in pointing to Nazi Germany as the culmination of Darwinist thinking by singling out the Jews as the object of scorn and necessary for eradication. But the Jewish people were anything but the “lowest rung” on any kind of evolutionary development. In fact, just the opposite is true; they had plenty of advanced scruples in the business world to understand and employ the application of interest in banking and loaning, something that had already been widely adopted as default in the contemporary “modern” Western world at the time. Further, many of Jewish descent possessed an advanced understanding of medicine, science (think Einstein), music, etc. that far surpassed most of what was developed in the West.

    It was, in fact, sheer jealousy that promoted Hitler and his henchmen to single out a religious group as the object for elimination so his Ubermench could replace them. In other words, this was not just a direct application of Darwinist survival-of-the-fittest, per se, but a specific aggression against a particular ethnic group in order to sway the thinking of the mass German population at the time. There is a big difference.

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