A Question For The PCA

If the PCA is a “Big Tent” denomination, where does that put the Westminster Standards? Do they constitute the big top, under which TEs and REs must fit, with which they must agree or are the Standards in danger of becoming the sawdust floor, spread out for the big show and then swept up and discarded afterwards?

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  1. This has been a rhetorical question since at least the year 2000 when the PCA adopted “good faith” subscription of the standards.

  2. Obvious answer: big tent equals little confessionalism. Really big tent means confessionalism in name only: CINO (pronounced “Sigh – No”). There you go, a new acronym for your collection, provided free of charge by a likely soon to be departing 20 year PCA member.

  3. Interesting reading, all these posts and comments about what’s going on with the PCA. Kinda reminds me of things that took place 40-50 years ago with the LCMS and soon-to-become the ELCA following a spin-off of the AELC coupled with a series of mergers with smaller synods such as the ULC, ALC, LCA, etc. to form the ELCA in the 80’s. Back then the contentious issues revolved around things like biblical inerrancy, higher criticism, etc. More recently, however, the mainline ELCA blazed a new trail into its apostasy by ordaining gay clergy and performing SSM’s. That last one, though, was a straw that broke the camel’s back for many, causing the formation of a new breakaway synod, the NALC. Ironically, though SSM and clergy issues caused the split, the new synod took much of it’s erroneous views of scripture with it when it left. And, yes, CINO would be a good acronym for the ELCA, too because they are clearly confessional in name only.

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