On Sale Now For $25: On Being Reformed (UPDATED)

This slender volume contains four essays. One written jointly by Crawford Gribben and Chris Caughey, one by Matthew Bingham, one by D. G. Hart, and one by yours truly. Ordinarily this volume is, for its size, rather expensive. It is a little less expensive in e-book form but still rather pricey. The price of the volume was not under our control and the authors do not receive royalties (ongoing payments) from the sale of the book. Order the book directly from the publisher and use this coupon code: B2SPAL19.

UPDATE: the post originally said $25. Via my phone I was only able to get a unit price of $41.99 (incl. shipping). Using the computer, however, the coupon reduced the price to $25.00 with about $3.00 shipping.

I was able to purchase the book for $25 without the coupon code using the computer (as distinct from a mobile device).

More About The Book

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  1. I just purchased this using the code given and when you choose hardcover (not sure about the other options) and use the coupon code it gives a price of $25. When I completed my purchase it was $27.55 with tax. Thanks!

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