Samuel Petto: Moses Is And Isn’t A Covenant Of Works

It will now be asked, what manner of covenant was that at Mount Sinai, which is called the worst covenant? What kind of covenant was it?

Sol. In general, it was a covenant of works, as to be fulfilled by Jesus Christ, but not so to Israel. Or, it was the covenant of grace as to its legal condition to be performed by Jesus Christ, represented under a conditional administration of it to Israel.

Samuel Petto (c.1624–1711) | The Great Mystery of the Covenant of Grace or the Difference Between Old and New Covenant Stated and Explained (Stoke-on-Trent, UK, 2007), 113.


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  1. Pascal Renault uses Petto to show an alternative understanding to the Mosaic covanent, as an alternative to the WCF. Is this accurate?

    • Read Mike Brown’s book. First we must all agree as to what “the” WCF’s view of the Mosaic covenant is. There hasn’t been complete agreement on this since the early 18th century at least.

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