Is All Of Life Worship?

Is all of life worship? That was the question set for Dr Clark at the Great Lakes Reformed Conference October 14, 2023.



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  1. Wow ! That was so good. Seems like since the Jesus movement of the 60’s and 70’s of calling things Christian and considering them to be that, Christian schools, Christian bookstores, Christian plumbers, Christian music, Christian concerts ect., we’ve just accepted that as so.
    Hey, here in Arizona we have Christian night at the ball park. Seems that the last time Christians were in a stadium, they were the entertainment.
    I get in trouble a lot by saying there’s no other true sacred, Christian institution other than the Church. I may be wrong, but as I’ve stated, calling something Christian, doesn’t make it Christian or sacred. I believe we’ve lost the distinction between the sacred and the secular. I pray this lecture, ( that of course I’ve shared), will help the church see that.
    The Dr. Scott Clark. I hope I get to meet you and laugh with you. You’re a great guy. Serious about what is serious, but able to laugh and have fun with the other things.


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