What Happens When A Bloke Looks At The Facts About Wilson

Language Warning: He Quotes Wilson

(HT: Examining Moscow)


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  1. I don’t know this man or ever read anything by him. I see that this is sad on so many levels. My heart hurts for the church. I am surrounded by coarseness, lewdness, and foulness from the world all day every day.


    It’s two decades in the future, and a Christian college student named Ace Hartwick has just destroyed his neighbor’s so-called “wife”—actually a sexbot named Sally—in a trash compactor. Soon, Ace will be on trial for murder.

    Unfortunately for Ace, everyone despises his kind of “radical” Christianity, and, in the fragile America of the future, all the juries are fixed.

    A satirical novel from an award-winning pastor about love, the crack-up of the U.S.A., and refusing to back down when the whole world calls you crazy.

    Pastor Douglas Wilson continues his cheerful assault on stupidity with this provocative new satirical novel.

    Very subtle… I think I’ll pass. He ‘s like the Reformed version of Jack Chick.

  3. Interesting, this business with Wilson. If I surf into a website like Goodreads I find numerous positive reviews of “Ride Sally Ride.” Unfortunate as that is, it seems to indicate that there are a fair number of men in particular who follow Wilson and agree with his “theology.” Then there are books (and a subsequent TV series) by Margaret Atwood, “Handmade’s Tale,” that present an opposite view of what a “monotheocracy” might look like in a dystopic, revolutionary future, that has also gained a popular following. I don’t know. w
    We may be soon facing a hostile confrontation between those on one side versus the other.

  4. Someone, possibly Dr. Clark, I forget who, said that Wilson is the Donald Trump of the Christian personalities today. That really summed it up the best for me.

  5. Tentative comparisons between Moscow (Christian Nationalism) and Revoice (Social Justice):

    Similarity in the use of performance art, satire, and humor; the use of missions/evangelism to rework the God/Country (church/world) relationship; the criticism (as of Wilson in this video) for use of a particular word in his teaching rather than for the meaning of the teaching; the use of underdog courage (victim identity) against the world AND against the church; both are cultural “ministries” and not simply confessional differences; both react to and against the mainstream LGBT movement;

  6. Not just to the men. I’m a women here trying to figure out whether or not to keep going on canon press each day and getting indoctrinated by his family’s stuff. I watched eve in exile and it seems good material to me, but is it a slippery slope or trap into being in a cult that says raping your wife is ok ???

    • Amber,

      In all seriousness, Canon Press is not your friend, it’s not a friend to soul or to your family. Take a look at the resources below the post. In no particular order:

      1. Plagiarism (3x)
      2. Pastoral abuse (as documented by his own federation)
      3. Corruption of the gospel
      4. A bizarre ontological hierarchical view of humanity

      and the list could go on. There is plenty of documentation in the resources.

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