With The Guilt, Grace, Gratitude Podcast On The Heidelberg Catechism

The Heidelberg Catechism is one of my very favorite things to discuss and so it was a joy to talk with Nick Fullwiler and Peter Bell on the Guilt, Grace, Gratitude Podcast about the catechism. The catechism is a marvelous tool for personal devotions, since it is divided into 52 Lord’s Days, you can use it during the week to inform your prayer and Bible reading. Derke Bergsma produced an excellent devotional using the catechism: Monday Through Friday in the Word. The catechism is beloved by millions and has been widely used in multiple languages since its publication in 1563. It is one of the official doctrinal standards of the United Reformed Churches in North America and it is affirmed by many other denominations and federations across the globe. The young theologian who drafted most of it (Zacharias Ursinus) and those young pastor-theologians who edited it (e.g., Caspar Olevianus) drew from some of the best work that had been done before the Heidelberg and knit it together beautifully. It is used not only to instruct our young people but it also serves as the guide for our afternoon or evening sermons. If you are looking for an introduction to the Reformed faith and a guide to the basics of the Christian theology, piety, and practice you will find no better places to start.

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  1. This has become one of my favorite podcasts lately, so I’m looking forward to hearing this one. I could listen to you drone on about the Heidelberg all day. 😀

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