Trueman: The Sexual Revolution Will Be Televised

The appointment of Sam Brinton, a very public “queer” activist, to the U.S. Department of Energy is merely the latest sign of decadence in the dying culture of the West. Brinton, a man of such exotic and public perversions that I cannot in good conscience describe them here, is a sign of the times. It is, of course, not his perversions that are problematic with regard to his basic competence as a public official. It is the fact that he is an exhibitionist who uses his twisted sexuality to bully others in the workplace with the specific intention of “educating” the public, as Rod Dreher documents with a notable lack of squeamishness (you have been warned).

What is interesting, of course, is that this is yet another sign of how the Biden presidency seems not simply mortgaged to the radical extremists of the left but positively committed to promoting their causes. And that raises interesting questions about the #NeverTrump evangelicals. Read more»

Carl R. Trueman | “Decadence On Display” | Feb 21, 2022


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  1. Trueman, here, is speaking what many of us felt and feel. That last paragraph is gold. He essentially points out here, that the #neverTrumpers are just as guilty of doing what they accused many of the Trump voters of doing but from the other side. It also begs the question who are the real Christian nationalists …

  2. Yes and in addition to his pandering to the far left . . . as Helen Thomas once said, “The whole thing is going down the drain!”

    Stupid has consequences, Carl.

    • I’m sorry, Paul, but I just wanted to confirm if you’re saying that Trueman is pandering to the far left. If so, could you direct me and other readers to some evidence in that regard?

      Thank you,

  3. Drew:

    The Christian Nationalists are the ones that Mike Horton warned us about in a major publication. I have no idea who they are and neither do 99.99% of Americans. His first alarm bell about Paula White advising Trump on “spiritual matters” didn’t raise enough eyebrows.

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