A Forgotten Catechism Recovered

One of the most forgotten Elizabethan Puritans is Richard Greenham (c. 1542–1594). As an early Elizabethan puritan, Greenham’s influence in the late 16th century was second only to that of William Perkins. He wrote a very helpful catechism on the Christian faith that has not been reprinted since 1612 and has been forgotten with time. I edit the catechism only slightly to modern English while making some changes of word choice with proper synonyms to read Greenham more clearly. Section headings have also been added. The catechism is taken from the 1612 edition of his Workes, the last and best edition. Read more»

Chris Gordon | “The Shorter Catechism of Richard Greenham (1542–1594) – Part 2” | Feb 25, 2022


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  1. Scott, I thank you greatly for posting this. Yes, I can believe Greenham has been largely forgotten; this is the first I’ve heard of him. I’ve been doing certain research for a few years and while Chris’ work doesn’t touch on my topic, it did prompt me to search out Greenham’s writings elsewhere, from which I did unearth something helpful.

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