PCA Concerned Presbyterians To Meet September 25, 2021 In Greenville, SC

All PCA Teaching and Ruling elders are warmly invited to attend the meeting of concerned Presbyterians. While the Gospel Reformation Network (GRN) meetings, events, and communications continue to be public and transparent, due to space limitations we must restrict the meeting to PCA TE’s & RE’s only.

The Meeting for Concerned PCA Ruling and Teaching Elders is still planned for September 25th, from 9:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m., in Greenville, South Carolina.

The 48th PCA General Assembly was a very encouraging one, especially for those committed to an unapologetically Reformed, Confessional, and Presbyterian vision for our almost half-century-old denomination. Many who have been troubled by the growing progressive trends within our churches, presbyteries, and agencies left St. Louis with renewed hope for the future of the PCA. The voting margins were surprisingly large. Therefore, it’s with renewed hope, mixed with ongoing concern about the influence of progressive Christianity, that the Gospel Reformation Network will host a meeting for concerned PCA teaching and ruling elders in late September. The one-day gathering in Greenville will take place at the historic Second Presbyterian Church. It’s a meeting that you’ll not want to miss, if you are able to attend. Read more»

Jon Payne | “A Meeting for Concerned Presbyterians” | Aquila Report | August 16, 2021



  1. The real question is: are they going to address the credible comments by Pastors’ Roberts and Ball who have flagged that the changes in the overture language may actually hurt the ability of the denomination to rid itself of pastors who are clearly not Biblically qualified. I have been unable, so far, to actually get the final text of the two important ones. I have contact both my church and the PCA HQ. But have gotten only crickets. Be nice if naivete and gullibility are not at work here, but that can only be demonstrated by a credible rebuttal to Ball and Roberts.

    • I believe that Ball and Robert’s believe that with the right formulation of language that everybody will salute smartly and fall in line. They are against the overtures being adopted because they say we already have all we need in the PCA constitution. The problem is that presbyteries don’t all follow the same rules when evaluating ministerial candidates. They never will. The PCA tent is already too big. To paraphrase Shakespeare, “The problem dear Randall isn’t in our ruling documents. It is in ourselves.”

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