A True Epitaph: “Saved By Grace”

On a tombstone in the old graveyard behind the Meeting House at Knockbracken, nestling among the evergreens, rising from the grass, on a well-mown grassy mound, is a plain and modest headstone: etched upon its granite face is the name of both my parents—at the foot of this is a memorable biblical epitaph which sums up both their professions of faith in Christ. It simply states this: “Saved by Grace”—Ephesians Chapter 2 Verse 5. This was their belief, hope and confidence – nothing good in themselves deserved their rescue from Hell by God.

…It is my intention, in the morning, to speak on the subject of our experience of God’s grace – in this little blog, I simply want to draw you attention to the morsel-sized, nugget-filled, goldmine of a single Greek verb which we generally translate: “You have been saved!” Please note the following points:

We do not save ourselves or contribute any merit or credit to salvation in any way or sense whatsoever – quite the opposite.

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Andrew Kerr | “Saved By Grace” | Gentle Reformation | July 10, 2021


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