Chris Gordon’s Reformed Catechism On Sexuality

As Christians grapple with living in a world where sexual identity has become a fluid concept for many people, how can believers develop a solid understanding regarding what the Bible actually says about our sexuality? Thankfully, pastor and Abounding Grace Radio host Christopher J. Gordon has written The New Reformation Catechism on Human Sexuality for adults and children to help Christians become better equipped regarding God’s good design for humans, both male and female.

Catechisms use a short question-and-answer format to help Christians take to heart foundational biblical doctrine and have long been a cherished method for educating God’s people in the great truths of the Bible. In this 31-page catechism on human sexuality, Gordon pastorally takes readers through 41 questions and answers that provide clear and succinct summaries of the righteous state of humanity at creation, the fallen and distorted state of the human heart after Adam’s rebellion in the garden of Eden, the freedom from slavery to sexual sin believers enjoy by Christ’s redemptive work on their behalf, and the restoration repentant sinners have in Christ along with the duty to walk in holiness and purity as God’s children.

…The New Reformation Catechism on Human Sexuality is a much needed resource for Christians today and is available at a discounted price when purchasing 10 or more copies. Click here to purchase. Read more»

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  1. Has the tent gotten so big in Reformed churches that they are no longer able to agree about and produce something like this? It seems most all of these come out of para-church ministries. I doubt that anything like the WCF or the Three Forms of Unity could be produced by any group of churches today.

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