Perkins On The Nature Of God’s Wisdom, Will, And Omnipotency

The divine Nature, is especially in perpetual operation by three attributes, the which do manifest the operation of God towards his creatures. These are his Wisdom, Will, and Omnipotency.

The wisdom or knowledge of God, is that by the which God doth, not by certaine notions abstracted from the things themselves, but by his own essence: nor successively and by discourse of reason, but by one eternal and immutable act of understanding, distinctly and perfectly know himself, and all other things, though infinite, whether they have been or not. Mat. 11. 27. No man knoweth the son but the Father, nor the Father but the [note] Son, and he to whom the Son will reveale him. Heb. 4. 13. There is nothing created, which is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and open to his eyes, with whom we have to do, Psal. 147. 5. His wisdom is infinite.

William Perkins | A Golden Chaine (1616)



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