Preaching To Soil

Pearls should not be cast before swine. This has its truth, but kingdom preaching pays no attention to this. Instead, the preaching here in this parable is undiscriminating, wild, even promiscuous. The Word is scattered randomly. There is no strategy, programming or technique. There are no marketing methods to the preaching. The Word is merely preached to fall where it may.

Additionally, Jesus stresses that each soil hears the Word. He repeats it every time. The path hears the Word. The rocky soil and thorny dirt hear the Word. The Kingdom of Christ comes forth by the preaching and the hearing of the Word. It is not by sight but by hearing.

The Word is preached universally, to every nation, in every language.

Likewise, in the present setting, the assumption is that the Word is only for Israel. The Messiah restores the kingdom to Israel. But, here the Word is heralded to every type of soil, which gives the impression of catholicity. The Word is preached universally, to every nation, in every language. Nothing here limits the Kingdom Word to the Hebrews, but rather it is cast near and far among the Gentiles.

Such promiscuous preaching is too unchaste for the Scribes. Next, there are various types of soils—the four responses to the Word. These are described so matter-of-factly, and there is no exhortation to be the good soil. No commands of “Don’t be!” As we pointed out, you cannot tell which soil is which by looking at first. Read more»

Zach Keele | “What Is The Meaning of the Parable of the Sower?” | July 5. 2022


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  1. Thanks for posting this Dr Clark. And thankful that “Soil” in the title is meant as a noun, not as a verb!

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