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  1. I have been reducing the size of my library for several years. Most of my seminary texts have been gifted, as have most of the more popular theology. A quick scan of the few hundred remaining volumes found only my freshman Hebrew text bearing the Eerdmans brand. So their apostasy does not threaten my meager collection nor my integrity. The tares will keep on growing. So I also offer a No Comment.

  2. Anglican Matt Kennedy summed it up best, Erdmanns is no longer a Christian publisher.

  3. Just visited the Erdmanns website: I did several “Search” entries; scanned departments/etc; THEN input “Pride Month”…and nothing came up except the message “No items found”. Was this post a form of sabotage…or did Erdmanns “scrub” its website recently?

  4. This saddens me greatly. While I never did agree with everything they published, their books were thought provoking and worth reading. In fact, they were one of my top choices to work after college, and I was a bit disappointed when they responded to my resume just after I’d been hired elsewhere. Looks like they’ve sold their birthright.

  5. THAT’S where this was semi-cached! Thank you, Cyber-Sleuth Paul…with great sadness. Perhaps we should rename the company “ERRED-man”.

    We’re told we should be “willing to listen and seek to understand those in the LGBTQ+ community who are simply fighting to be seen and heard, cared for and loved.” What is there to FIGHT for? They’re seen and heard PLENTY in parades; on beaches (; on social media; etc. Clearly the minority rules.
    “…Even sinners love those who love them.”

  6. Anita Eerdman’s has been president of the publisher since 2014. Her now fairly quiet Twitter account had this retweet with her endorsement that “This is always worth a retweet!” (April 21, 2018):

    “May the world not be destroyed by a man given ultimate power by people hypnotized by theoretical love for other people’s unborn children.”

    From the August 5, 2011 Grand Rapids Business Journal:

    “We don’t publish books to make money,” said Anita Eerdmans. “We make money to publish books.”

    What kind of books?

    “The company evolved from a distributor of religious literature to a printer/publisher, and now focuses solely on publishing, but the ecumenical focus remains the same. Bill Eerdmans Jr., who succeeded his father as president of the company, has continued in this progressive and inclusive tradition, publishing a broad range of books concerning racial equality, gender equality, opposition to apartheid, embracing gay marriage and recently Islamic religious books.”

    We just weren’t paying close enough attention.

  7. Human institutions suffer downgrades over time and must be renewed or replaced. Semper reformanda.

  8. The number one rule in any business is “don’t lose money.” You certainly don’t want to go out of your way to alienate your customers or potential customers. Ms. Eerdman may like publishing books but if only 27 people buy her books, she’ll eventually have to sell in order to maintain her aloof lifestyle.

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