Hoodwinked By Pride And Erotic Obsessions

If anybody wants to understand what is happening to the public square in America—indeed, if anyone wants to know how America, or at least her ruling class, wishes to understand itself, they need look no further than Pride Month… For anyone not completely hoodwinked by the erotic obsessions of our day, taking pride in one’s sexual identity—indeed, even considering sexual desire to be an identity—would seem at best pitiful and at worst a deep perversion of what it means to be human. Yet, here we are. And we should not underestimate the power of what it signifies. Read more»
Carl R. Trueman | “Welcome to Pride Month, Christian” | June 1, 2022


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  1. I get it and agree that Christians should protest against the dedication of an entire month to a decedent movement, the desecration of the rainbow symbol as it’s depicted in scripture, etc. And posting on blogs, tweets, whatever is a fine way to make our voices heard (by those who have ears). What I don’t get and am not sure how to deal with are the mainline protestants who not only support the movement, but bring the pride flag into their churches, unhesitatingly ordain gay clergy, marry same sex couples, etc. Who are these people? Are they true Christians? Or do they belong to a different religion, as Machen would say? How are we to approach them? Worse yet, I see struggles documented right here on this blog within the P/R communions over some of the same issues. Granted, there are those in those communions who are pushing back against some of these movements, but what does the general laity think about them? Seeing what took place at Grove City College this past year over CRT makes me wonder how the alumni feel about LGBTQ and Pride month.

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