It Comes Down To Authority

Jesus climbed out of the boat to find himself in an immediate battle. The demons were contesting the Lord’s authority. In Mark 5 and verse 7 we read that the Legion of demons were seeking to bind Jesus with an oath. The demons wanted Jesus to give His word that He would not torment them. The likely question is why? Why this possessed man who cannot be held by chains does not simply run up to Jesus on the shore of the sea and crush the life out of him is a mystery. But the answer is a simple one. The demoniac understood what Jesus taught in the previous chapter of Mark. The real battle is one of authority. The demons sought to exercise authority over Jesus. They wanted to bind Him with an oath. However, Jesus will not be mastered by them or anyone and so he demanded Legion to come out of the man.

But this battle is not like one that may take place in some homes. The winner is not decided by who can talk the loudest. Have you ever been in that situation? The person you are talking with thinks that he can win the argument if he has enough volume to drown you out. Volume will not win this battle. This battle will be won on the basis of authority. Again, whose word is authoritative? Despite the fact that this man has untold numbers of demons in him and his cries had a legion of demons behind them the one voice of Jesus authoritatively rose above them all.

And notice what happens, the conflict ends with an acknowledgement of Jesus’ authority. The demons can’t do anything but submit to the word of the Lord. Notice what they do. Whereas they once attempted to command him now they beg him. “And they begged him, saying, “Send us to the pigs, let us enter them.” And Jesus gave them permission. Read more»

Jeffrey Stivason | To Be Useful | May 18, 2022


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