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What began as an initial inquiry back in 2013, and eventually developed into a Bible study in 2018, has now progressed towards planting a United Reformed Church (URC) in Indianapolis—praise the Lord for his faithfulness.

Our History And Highlights

In 2013, two families in Indianapolis contacted a fledging church plant in Cincinnati, OH—Westside Reformed Church (WRC)—to inquire about planting a congregation. Pastor Zac Wyse of WRC remained in contact with the families, which led to holding regular meetings starting in September 2018. During that period Chris Smith worked diligently to to serve the group. Meetings continued monthly, and then twice per month, for about nine months. At that point, the group had added two more families and consisted of 24 souls. As the group showed a greater desire for the work to progress, regular meetings continued, and WRC found it pertinent to have a church planter on the ground to develop the work. With the increased load that came with 2020, and further attention given to planting a church in Madison, IN, WRC requested oversight support from Zeltenreich Reformed Church (ZRC). 

For health reasons, Chris had to resign (he is fine now) and ZRC contacted me as I was in my final year at Westminster Seminary California. After visiting Indianapolis in January 2021, establishing contact with the core group, and participating in two worship services, both ZRC and we heartily agreed to pursue the work upon my graduation. In June 2021 the group began meeting weekly for a home bible study, which proved to be a sweet time as the group came together to study, pray, and sing while enjoying rich fellowship. As the weeks went on, reality set it, the living room was too small to accommodate growth, praise the Lord.

Indy Reformed continued to develop, nearly doubled in size, and showed a readiness to begin meeting publicly so, we started searching for a building. We thank the Lord for providing a central meeting location with enough space for continued growth. Our first service was held on August 29, 2021, and we are greatly encouraged by what God is doing among us. By the end of 2021, our group was now nine families with several visitors who have expressed an interest in remaining with us long term. We turned the new year with great praise and thanksgiving for the many ways God has been pleased to bless the efforts and give us clarity for the future.

In January 2022, ZRC called an ordination service at Indy Reformed where I was ordained to the Ministry of Word and sacrament and installed as a home missionary to Indianapolis. This was a very special time for our people, and we were greatly encouraged by the support received from several Reformed and Presbyterian churches in the area.

We praise and thank the Lord for how he has established the work in Indianapolis, blessed the planting efforts by adding to our number, and continues to provide by giving us clarity and direction for the future. We are most thankful for saving grace we have received in Christ Jesus our Lord. As we proceed, we are mindful of the wonderful truth that our almighty God gathers, protects, and preserves His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against her.

How You Can Pray for Indy Reformed

As we look to the plans for the new year, we ask that you join us in prayer. Many of our families are participating in membership class, which began in late January. We will continue elder and deacon training with great thankfulness for the men who have expressed an interest in serving. We also plan to add a catechism service to our weekly agenda in the Spring.

Please join us in praying for spiritual unity and maturity as we together trust the Lord with our future. Pray that the Lord would equip men among us to fill the offices of elder and deacon that we might faithfully shepherded the flock He has entrusted into our hands. We recently learned that we need to find a new meeting location by the end of September, please pray for the Lord’s provision and our patience in the search. Pray for Indy Reformed to establish and maintain relationships with other like-minded churches in the area to partner in gospel ministry. Join us in praying for the Indianapolis Metro area, that Indy Reformed would be a light in the darkness and that the Lord would be pleased to raise up many more laborers for the harvest as there remains a great need for faithful churches.

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