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Being nice or civil is now a sign of weakness. Having friends across the aisle is too. We can’t turn the other cheek or love our neighbors if they disagree with us. Loving our neighbors who are gay now means we have to stand in the yard and tell them they’re going to burn in hell and we’re loving them by reminding them. We’re not relational people anymore. We’re too online for that. Relationships are weaknesses. Loving your neighbor might mean you have to actually get to know them in the real world and find out you disagree on something. It’s all mean tweets all the time instead.

…There is a whole industry on the left and right that has rejected truth for confirmation bias and rage about the confirmation bias. In the run-up to January 6th, the media and Democrats are in full rage mode about what happened. Meanwhile, Trump supporters have turned the storming of the Capitol into some sort of patriotic act that should be celebrated.

As real religion has given way to politics, religious orthodoxy now is wrapped around political beliefs and partisan interpretations of events. With no grace in the political religion, there’s just rage, jackassery, and bullying anyone who dissents into silence. Read more»

Erick Erickson | “This Story Has A Happy Ending” | January 4, 2021


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  1. Maybe I’m just old, but through all the “rage, jackassery, and bullying”, the Gospel always finds a way, and a true yet maybe shrouded remnant is always somewhere. These are not golden years for the “Church” as it always seems to struggle years behind the civil curve. Out the gate, lots of things are said and done off the cuff, that years will be spent trying to evaluate and correct. Maybe the reformation church age had a better grasp on how Gospel should influence the civic realm, or at least they tried. It seems a taboo practice today, lest you are called out for promoting a social gospel. Numbers 6:24-26

  2. “Meanwhile, Trump supporters have turned the storming of the Capitol into some sort of patriotic act that should be celebrated.”

    I have not heard one Trump supporter even come close to saying anything like this.

    Otherwise, I appreciate this post.

    • Amen Chuck. I’ve not heard a single person, left or right, indicate anything except disgust at what happened on January 6. As a conservative I take great pride (I know, pride is a bad thing for a Christian, but you know what I mean) in being level-headed and responding to any situation with a demeanor worthy of the name Christian. Righteous anger can be justified at times, but riots are best left to those on the other side of the aisle who seems to revel in violence and destruction. We should all condemn what happened at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. You can’t fight evil with more evil…..

      • I have seen Trump supporters minimizing what happened – certainly there’s a case to be made that it has been blown out of proportion for partisan purposes — and I think I have seen Trump supporters treating Ashli Babbitt as a martyr or a hero. I am not saying that she deserves to be shot. I wasn’t there and I don’t know what the officer saw or what was going on around them but certainly she was no hero or martyr.

  3. I’m more grateful than ever to our pastor and elders for not letting our church become politicized. The Bible is the Bible, and that’s what he preaches.

  4. Dr. Clark:

    I’m exercised over what the Australian Prime Minister has done to Novak Djokovic! Temps. here in central Indiana are pushing zero as they do every January. The Australian Tennis Open is my great escape on TV.

    Surely you can make a phone call and reconcile the matter?


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