Yes, It is In The Schools

The genesis of CRT in education is arguably Gloria Ladson-Billings’s seminal essay “Just what is critical race theory and what is it doing in a nice field like education?” In it, she repudiates the slow progress of the civil-rights movement and concludes that liberalism is insufficient due to its lack of sweeping changes. Since its publication, Ladson-Billings has been ranked as one of the country’s most influential scholars of education.

Critical race theory is but one branch of a larger approach to instruction called critical pedagogy, which includes CRT, deconstructionist, feminist, postcolonial, and other progressive approaches to teaching. Critical pedagogy forms the basis of many teacher-training programs — Ladson-Billings and other critical pedagogues, like bell hooks and Paulo Freire, are canon at these institutions — and these ideas then leak onto K–12 schools.

There are plenty of examples of critical race theory manifesting itself in public education: fifth graders told to celebrate Communism and brought through a mock black-power rally, or third graders mapping their racial identity and ranking themselves according to privilege. Even in Seattle’s math curriculum, concepts such as geometry and algebraic equations play second fiddle to identity, power, liberation, and activism. The guiding questions encourage students to consider “How can we use math to measure the impact of activism?” One common textbook encourages teachers to, if they must read literature, do so through a Marxist or critical-race lens. Read more»

Daniel Buck and Anthony Kinnett “We’re Educators. Critical Race Theory Is, in Fact, in the Schools” | November 6, 2021


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  1. In their unpenchant, whole-hearted desire to be a PAC that is affiliated with the DNC, the PC(USA)’s news section featured an article of a webcast by Union Theological Seminary, where the guest, a law professor, whole-heartedly, denied that CRT is being taught. Well, it may not be being taught as it is taught in law school, BUT the foundational concepts are there. Since in the waning days of the Virginia election, when that became the new matra, like good little far leftists running the denominational entities, as always salute, say the proper salutory response without question, take their marching orders without question, and do as they are told. All the while, they are wholly, if not willfully ignorant, that they are nothing more that leftist Pharisees and hypocrits in their criticism of evangelical and conservative Christian support of Trump seemingly without question,while they do the same.

    I only note this, because I have recently requested to be removed from membership, because of these wolves in clerical collars, who parade arounds as angels of light and truth, when they are nothing more but devils in disguise.

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