A Small Thing That Is Really A Big Thing

Getting caught up this morning with some of my favorite resources. Matt Mullininx, a friend and former student has a brief note at Beautiful Christian Life about the importance of greeting people, especially guests, at church. In an age of masks and social distancing, this can easy thing to forget. Mea culpa. Read more»


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  1. This is an absolutely HUGE thing. Can you imagine getting together with family at a Holiday gathering where everyone keeps to themselves? Uh, church on Sunday is a Holy Day gathering.

    I can’t walk into a sit down restaurant without somebody greeting me, asking if they can help me, checking on me before, during and after the meal, thanking me for coming in and then wishing me a nice day as I leave. BTW, these types of establishments don’t pass the plate until after the meal is complete.

    This is a glaring example of the world being far wiser than the children of the light. An inhospitable church would have been anathema in the first century. I have to imagine that people would be far more receptive to receive from the Lord in a place where the Lord’s own people [His ambassadors] act like they are happy to have them.

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