A Note To My Hometown About The Drag Queen Story Hour And The Powers That Be

The lede in the Lincoln Journal-Star says it all (and perhaps more than the writer intended): “A planned drag queen story hour started like a normal event for the Lincoln group, said organizer Waylon Werner-Bassen.” He was talking about a private event scheduled to he held at the Lincoln Children’s Museum in which parents were voluntarily exposing their children to a man dressed like a female stripper. We know that the world is officially insane when someone can use the words “normal,” “drag queen” in a sentence involving a children’s museum. The Lincoln Children’s Museum was founded about 1991. Its goal was to provide a place for “early childhood learning.” It focusses on interactive learning. It hosts events for the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts etc. It is strange, then, to imagine how they plan to combine interactive learning and drag queens but that is what was planned for children until news of the event became public. The LCM was to be rented by a local LGBTQ group—what hath the LGBTQ movement to do with Drag Queens and children? I thought we were assured by leaders of the LGBTQ movement that they are not interested in children?

There has been a Drag Queen Story Hour chapter for four years in Lincoln. The DQSH is an intentionally aggressive movement strategically targeting culturally, politically, and religiously conservative places in order to break down resistance to the LGBTQ sexual-political-cultural agenda. For more on the DQSH see the resources below.

To be sure, the Lincoln Children’s Museum is a private non-profit organization and the event was private and, within the bounds of the law, they may do as they will but the fact that the Executive Director and the board think that it is a good idea to host this event raises serious questions about the leadership of the Lincoln Children’s Museum.

When news of the planned event became public, there were unfortunately, reported threats of violence and so the local paper and the Mayor would like the story to be about the threats. There is a time when a sane mayor would have said, “It seems like a truly foolish thing to do to expose young children to men dressed, in sexually suggestive costumes like female strippers. Lincoln is not San Francisco.” I am almost certain that Helen Boosalis would have said something like that.

Historically Lincoln was a very conservative place culturally, religiously, and politically. Because, however, it is the state capitol and home to the University of Nebraska (and Nebraska Wesleyan, and Doane College) Lincoln has a “progressive” movement. It is difficult to see how exposing 4 and 5 year olds to male drag queens is “progressive.” By definition it seems regressive. In a sane time and place it would be probable cause to call the Department of Children and Family Services. Nevertheless, this issue is before the citizens of Lincoln.

This is not just politics. Lincoln is my hometown. I moved to Lincoln in 1975. I met my wife there and went to High School and college there. It is where my friend Bob told me about Christ.  We moved away in 1984 but we return to Lincoln once or twice a year. I have harbored the fond hope of moving back to Lincoln some day. As much as any place it has been home base and a refuge from the vicissitudes of life in Southern California.

The kind of city Lincoln will be is up to its voters and residents. It is also, however, up to the donors who are funding non-profits such as the Lincoln Children’s Museum. They, the other donors to the LCM, and the citizens of Lincoln have a right politely, calmly, and civilly to ask the  board of the LCM why they would rent their facility to an organization with the agenda of introducing young children to transvestites? In what world is that a good idea?

Postscript: we know that the definition of virtue has been turned on its head when virtue signaling now includes defending the propriety of exposing five year old children to men dressed as female strippers.

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  1. See the article in today’s Federalist News (30 July) about the growing success of the pedophilia movement. The Drag Queen phenomenon is now incorporating children in drag in parades and performances. The question concerning the connection between Drag Queens and LGBTQ+ may be rhetorical, but in fact, the entire spectrum of “alternative” sexuality proponents is in alliance toward the goal of breaking norms. That is to say, the ultimate goal is the social repudiation of biblical constraints and commands. My involvement in sanctity of life issues since the 1970s has expanded into study of harm inflicted by sexual sin, so I have been aware of the desire to “normalize” such repugnant behavior as man-boy love, NAMBLA. Another arm of the lobby to “normalize” any form of sexual aberration is the entertainment industry’s sexualized portrayal of children, especially young girls. Perhaps the body of Christ should consider an increased, creative effort to help childhood remain childlike. At the very least, clothing, gaming, language, school studies, and social interactions – whatever forms the environment of children should be scrutinized and wisely managed.

  2. What never ceases to amaze me, when I see a wider version of that photo in this blog post, are the number of “normal looking” young men with regular haircuts sitting there with their children while the abnormality of DQSH is poured all over them. What are they thinking? And how did they come to the point where they think it’s OK to bring their offspring to an event like this? Did they come unawares? Or did they come informed and think that their children should be too?

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