June 2021 Issue Of Table Talk Magazine: “The Confessing Church”

The June 2021 issue of Table Talk magazine (from Ligonier Ministries) is devoted to the importance and use of confessions. Here is the table of contents:

  • “Why We’re Confessional” | Burk Parsons
  • “The Confessing Church In History” | John Muether
  • “Confessions and Worship” | Nick Batzig
  • “Confessions and Church Leadership” | David F. Coffin, Jr.
  • “Confessions and Church Membership” | Paul Levy
  • “Confessions and Piety” | Chris Gordon
  • “Confessions and the Mission of the Church” | Sebastian Heck

This is a stellar collection of essays and authors on a topic that could not be more timely. The church has been rocked by the Covid crisis. Evangelical laity and leadership seem to be “deconstructing” (apostatizing) left and right. The Modern evangelical church has always faced two great temptations: to replace the authority of Scripture and confession with reason (rationalism) or experience (subjectivism) or both. The historic Reformed confessions ground the church in the historic Reformed understanding of God’s Word, in a theology, piety, and practice that is not the result of the latest fad but solidly rooted in the truth.


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  • R. Scott Clark
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    R.Scott Clark is the President of the Heidelberg Reformation Association, the author and editor of, and contributor to several books and the author of many articles. He has taught church history and historical theology since 1997 at Westminster Seminary California. He has also taught at Wheaton College, Reformed Theological Seminary, and Concordia University. He has hosted the Heidelblog since 2007.

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  1. Dr Clark,
    I wanted to say thank you. I have been listening and studying so much on the Heidelblog. Particularly, the show from AGR on Romans 7.
    I have struggled for many years with perfectionism and I’m starting to get it.
    You and Dr Horton and many other reformed teachers have helped me to understand and trust Jesus and His gospel.
    I am so grateful!

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