Resources On Christmas, Advent, And The Church Calendar

Christmas, the Advent season in the church calendar, is a part of the culture. Christmas advertisements seem almost to run year round now. It is the one time when it almost seems acceptable (again) to be a Christian. Between the commercial and cultural pressure on one side and the religious impulse on the other, the press to observe Christmas or the Advent season of the church calendar is great. Yet, there are good reasons why members, elders, and laity ought to think critically about Christmas, advent, and the church calendar generally. Here are some resources on these issues.

  1. Heidelcast 203: A Christmas Story (With A Santa Clause)
  2. A Brief History Of Christmas
  3. Things Not To Say About Jesus at Christmas (Or Any Other Time)
  4. With Presbycast On Christmas and Ricky Bobby
  5. Calvin’s Response To Being Forced to Observe Christmas
  6. P&R Ambivalence About Christmas
  7. The Christmas Story As You Have Never Heard It Before
  8. The Directory of Publick Worship On Christmas
  9. Resources On Images Of Christ
  10. The Death Of Santa
  11. The First Book Of Discipline (1560) On Holy Days
  12. Church Calendars and Sola Scriptura
  13. Contra Natalis Solis Invictus
  14. Sentiment Is Not A Sacrament
  15. Sinclair Ferguson, Santa Clause Is Pelagian
  16. “Relevance” Leads To Rome
  17. With The Reformed Pubcast On Lent And Sola Scriptura
  18. The St Nicholas Of History (Sort Of)
  19. Heidelcast 203: A Christmas Story (With A Santa Clause)
  20. Christmas Confusion
  21. Cancelling The Lord’s Day After Christmas?
  22. Heidelcast 203: A Christmas Story (With A Santa Clause)
  23. Santa Is Law, Not Gospel
  24. Advent As War
  25. Adam C. English, The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus: The True Life and Trials of Nicholas of Myra.
  26. Resources On Lent
  27. Resources On The Rule Of Worship

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  1. Thanks for these resources. I am having trouble locating #7. There is no link to the exact AGR episode you reference in your December 2013 post. In the AGR app for December 2013 I see an episode titled “The Christmas Story” but the link in the AGR site to this is broken. But I am not even sure that this is the episode you meant for the resource. Any help would be appreciated.

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