Synod Of Dort (1578): Psalms Only To Be Sung In Worship

76. The Psalms of David translated by Pieter Datheen shall be sung in the Christian gatherings of the Netherlands churches as has been done until now, excluding the hymns which are not found in the Bible.

National Synod of the Netherlands, German, and Walloon Churches…held at Dordrecht…1578 in The Church Orders of the 16th-Century Reformed Churches of the Netherlands Together with their Social, Political, and Ecclesiastical Context, trans. and collated by Richard R. Ridder with the assistance of Rev. Peter H. Jonker and Rev. Leonard Verduin (Grand Rapids: Calvin Theological Seminary, 1987), 220.

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  1. (in a hippy voice) C’mon man, yer livin’ in the past. You and your book of praises and the imprecations and the joy and the sorrow and every possible emotion lying therein. You need some Hillsong, bruh.

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