Howe: The Law Was A Covenant Of Works And The Gospel A Covenant Of Grace

It therefore now appears, that as the law or dictates of pure nature, comprehended together with other fit additionals, became at first one entire constitution aptly suited to the government of man in his innocent state, unto which the title did well agree of the law or covenant of works: so the same natural dictates, transcribed and made express (because now sullied, and not so legible in the corrupted nature of man) do, with such allays [alleviation] and additions as the case required, compose and make up the constitution which bears the title of the law or covenant of grace, or the law of faith, or the gospel of Christ; and is only suitable to the state of man lapsed and fallen, as the measure of that righteousness which he is now to aim at, and aspire unto.

—John Howe, The Blessedness Of The Righteous Opened (London, 1668), 26–27.

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