On The Reformed Pubcast Discussing Covenant Theology

ReformedPubcastCovenant theology is sometimes regarded and presented by American evangelicals as an idiosyncratic, mysterious, even esoteric way to read Scripture. Of course, from a historical and biblical perspective, it is nothing of the sort. Much of what the Reformed began to teach as early as 1523 and with increasing clarity in the 1560s through the 17th century, was substantially identical to the covenant theology of Barnabas, Irenaeus, and Justin Martyr in the 2nd century (100–200 AD). Still, as ancient as it is and as universal as it was among the Reformed theologians in the classical (formative, defining) period of Reformed theology, it is still largely unknown and misunderstood outside of Reformed circles. Truth be told, it is not always well understood within Reformed circles. So, I am grateful to Les and Tanner from the Reformed Pubcast for their gracious invitation to talk about covenant theology with them on their podcast. It’s a 90 minute podcast, about one half of which is the discussion of covenant theology. Here’s that part of the episode:

Here’s the entirety of episode 91, including the full introduction and their discussion of beer and some contemporary Christian music.

Here’s the HB media archive.

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  1. Thank you. Great overview. Appreciate your willingness to teach this content again and again.

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