Trueman On STD’s And Stupidity

According to a recent CDC report, cases of syphilis are rising in the United States. The report offers an interesting window on contemporary American culture. First, it features the usual exceptionalism for health issues that are a part of the progressive remaking . . . Continue reading →

Vos: Man Belongs To Two Spheres

Man belongs to two spheres. And Scripture not only teaches that these two spheres are distinct, it also teaches what estimate of relative importance ought to be placed upon them. Heaven is the primordial, earth the secondary creation. In heaven are the . . . Continue reading →

We Are Just Children

It was 1975 and our family was living in Regina, Saskatchewan.  In this prairie city my Dad had his first posting as a pilot for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  He’d been serving as an RCMP officer for a few years already, . . . Continue reading →

Video: The Truth About Sexual Sin

Chris Gordon, Rev. Bill Boekestein, and Rev. Joel Dykstra discuss the Sexual Revolution’s explosive effect on society and the church, and pinpoint the one thing that didn’t happen that led to the end of Christendom. RESOURCES Resources On The Rule Of Worship . . . Continue reading →