Of Luther, Limbaugh, And Losers (Relax, It’s A Joke)

On this date in 1546 Martin Luther went to be with our Savior, Jesus. Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh died and we hope that he too was received into the loving arms of the Savior. Both men were in desperate need of the unconditional . . . Continue reading →

Scott Campbell: A Pioneer In Contemporary Christian Radio

In an earlier post I mentioned an old and dear friend, Scott Campbell. He was one of three people (the others being Don Crawley at KECK and Chris Abercrombie at KLMS) who got me started in radio. Scott was a devout evangelical Christian who . . . Continue reading →

If You Love Radio…

There’s an interesting and surprisingly fair piece about Rush in the NYT. Which listeners, NPR listeners or Limbaugh’s, scored higher in news knowledge?